Since I bought CC3 I have spent a lot of time playing around with its features, watching tutorials, and trying to figure out what all I need for the different games I am playing.  One thing that kept coming up, I even mentioned it in my previous post, was my need for several maps of cities.  Mainly because my Pathfinder campaign was fighting off a goblin raids throughout many different places in the city. So I decided to go ahead and dive right into the Profantasy software and bought City Designer 3 as well.

I am glad I did, it has a lot of good stuff in it and it has definitely made mapping cities a lot easier.  I made this map very quickly and easily with the software. It is for a play by email game I am playing with one of my buddies.  I enjoyed making it and feel like it is a pretty good map, especially considering it is my first city map using CD3.  The software was definitely worth the investment.  Let me know what you think.

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The 2011 Nominees have been posted over at the ENnie Awards.  I always enjoy seeing the new games and gaming materials that are nominated for these awards.  A lot of times, they are games that I have not had the chance to play before and are usually a pleasant surprise.

This year, I am going to attempt to play or run each of the games nominated under the Best Adventure, Best Free Product, Best Game, and Best New Game categories.  I would like to see why they were nominated and post my thoughts on them.  After all, they were nominated for a reason, and I would like to give them a try.

Good luck to all the nominees, and congratulations for be nominated!

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I had the desire to make another geomorph tonight, only this time, I wanted to use a different background.  So, instead of the standard scribble that I was using, I made a little symbol of just some rocks and a single bone, then put them in the geomorph as the background.  I like the results, but may play around a bit more and make a slightly different one.

This geomorph is very simple it has a couple of rooms, some doorways, a few secret passages, and some stairs.  Other than that, it is wide open for any GM to fill what what ever evil or harmless items and monsters that they want.  I hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think!


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After a lot of rework, not to mention a lot of bug hunting, I think I have my Mythic GM Emulator program to a state where I can use it for a game. This program is based on the Mythic GM Emulator by the guys over at Word Mill Games. This idea started quite some time ago thanks to Risus Monkey. It has taken me so long simply because I had to put it down and work on other things for a while. When I finally picked it up again last week to work on, I just decided to throw out what I had and completely rework it. I built it in Java and am quite happy with the results. When I posted last week, I thought I would use a visual editor, but once again, switched back to just my normal way of coding. I’m happy with the results so far, and here are the features that the program currently has:


  • You are able to select your Chaos and Odds modify from the drop down box
  • Displays your target and exceptional targets
  • When you roll, if you trigger a random event it will roll one for you
  • You can roll random events as well
  • Exports all your results to a log file

  • As you can see, it is just a basic program, but everything has worked well so far in the testing I have done. I plan to play a solo game soon to really test it out, using Risus Monkey’s method for solo play.

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    I’ve been wanting to update the site for a while now, and had some inspiration strike tonight after a wonderful valentines with the Mrs. We were talking about love and a thought struck me about a magical item that imitated “true love”. So, without further ado, here it is.

    Rod of Love

    Description: The Rod of Love is a small metal rod that is easily concealable. It has no discerning features other than the runes inscribed upon it. This rod, like all magical rods, holds the spell that is inscribed upon it and can be used by anyone, even those not trained in the arcane arts, to cast the spell. Due to the power this rod possesses, it should be considered an artifact level item.

    Spell: The Rod of Love holds the spell Catyr’s True Love.

    History: Catyr’s True Love is a spell developed by the gnomish mage Catyr as requested by a general of the Brailian Empire. This spell, when cast upon another, causes the target to fall in love with the caster. This spell is different from other love spells because it’s goal was not to bereft the target of free will, but instead, to make them love the caster and want to help them in any way possible for a short time, usually 24 hours. The purpose of the spell was to allow soldiers of the Brailian Empire to infiltrate the Meados Kingdoms and get information in the quickest and easiest way possible.

    For this purpose, several of these rods were made and distributed to soldiers of the Empire. The spell worked wonderfully at first, and awarded the Empire many victories. It did however, have a side effect. Soon, spies stopped reporting to the Empire and they were sought out to determine why. Most were found to have married or stayed with their targets. They discovered that the spell worked to mimic “true love” too well. It often caused the user to fall in love with the target as well, because a true love is a love returned in kind. The Empire ended up scraping the project, but the rods found their way into many different hands over the years, often leading to a happy lives, despite intents of the user.

    Twelve rods were originally made for the empire, and the maker, Catyr, was asked not to pass on the spell or make additional rods. To the empire’s knowledge, he complied with this request. After they learned of the effects these rods could have, five were taken back and destroyed by the empire, due to the danger of their use. Seven were unable to be found and are said to still remain.

    As a side note, ultimately the Brailian Empire was absorbed by the Meados Kingdoms due to a marriage of the Kingdoms’ prince with the Empire’s only heir, the princess. It is rumored that one of the rods, made to infiltrate and defeat the Meados Kingdoms, is the cause behind the alliance and the defeat of the Empire. It is not known if the rumor is true or who used the rod on whom, but the rumor continues that one rod is kept safe within the treasury of the Meados Kingdoms.

    Effect: The spell will cause the target to fall in love with the caster. This has a 50/50 chance of either lasting 24 hours, or permanently. The target should get a saving throw in a stat such as Willpower or Spirit. When cast, the spell also has a 50/50 chance of affecting the caster as well as the target. If it does, the spell lasts on the caster for the same duration as the target.

    I hope you all can use this magic item to have a little fun in your games!

    (Edit: I added a little to the history and made a note that due to the rods power, it should be considered an artifact level item)

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