So I am mainly a Java programmer, but I have decided to give Unity a try. Mainly because I feel like I can bring things to completion faster if I use Unity.
One of the biggest things that led me to this decision was the Ludum Dare. People were able to get really neat and we’ll received games in Unity. I have not given up on my game programming in Java, but I feel like I can do some really rapid prototyping in Unity.
To that end I have picked up a few books and started reading through them. So hopefully I can post something soon. 🙂

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I am working on a fantasy module for Fate Accelerated and I wanted to create a few magic items that you would traditionally like to get in such games. I have started with potions and created two potions that I think will work well in FAE.  Let me know what you think!

Green Potion
This is a potion of healing, it will remove the top two most stress that you have checked (will remove stress 3 and 2 if all 3 are checked). Drinking this potion takes the place of an action during combat. The entire bottle of the potion must be drank in order for this effect to take place. The potion is light green in color and smells lightly of cinnamon. This potion tastes like a small dab of honey on your tongue and tingles all the way down.

Blue Potion
This is a potion of defense. Gain the stunt “Because of the blue potion, I get an extra +2 when I carefully defend an attack.” until the end of the scene. The entire bottle of potion must be drank in order for this effect to take place. The potion is dark blue in color and has a light jasmine smell to it. The potion tastes like an uncooked frog and dims your sight for a moment as it goes down.

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It’s been a while since I have done anything with the site, but I have some more time now and plan to go back to some semi-regular updates. I sat down at the coffee table in the living room to update the site and then work on some coding, but my kids had a different idea. They came to the table with some of their Legos and wanted to play.

Now I love playing with my kids, so it wasn’t hard to get me distracted, but to top that off, they choose Legos, I mean what geek doesn’t love to play with them. So I ended up spending a few hours just building different things for them. We’ve only bought a few Lego sets recently, since my kids just got old enough to really appreciate them, and I found myself missing the giant bin of parts I used to have. I checked amazon, but man, Legos are really expensive now. I need to find a way to get some a bunch of Legos fairly cheap so that I can build plenty of cars and planes and space shuttles for each of my kids.

Plus, I just love building things with them. 🙂

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I have started running a new game this year.  I decided to go with a game that is popular and would not be hard to get players for.  The game I went with is Pathfinder and am I enjoying it so far.  I will be posting logs and actual plays as I continue with the game.  I went back to Maptool for this game, and look forward to GMing the AP Rise of the Runelords.

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Okay, things are finally calming down here again and its time to get back to two things:

1. Gaming
2. Programming

I am back to working on my Mythic Emulator app for running solo adventures. It will basically just be used so that I do not always have to consult the chart. Here’s what I got so far, let me know what you think!

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