Its been almost three years since I have added a post to the site. I can’t believe time has flown like it has. I really dropped out of most social media during that time as I entered a very busy stage of life. In the last three years, I have changed jobs, had twins, learned some new programming languages, and become a lot more stressed than I was.

One thing that hasn’t changed though, is the fact that I am still playing games with my kids. We play everything from video games to board games and D&D together. I have a ton of fun introducing my kids to new games and increasing the complexity of the D&D that we play to see how they handle new problems.

I am going to try to start posting more frequently again to talk about playing games, playing games with my kids, programming, and maybe even some more of my wife’s art. See you soon.

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Lauren's move

Lauren’s move

My daughter and I sat down tonight to play Super Dungeon Explore tonight. It is a game that I have had for a while but we have just not gotten to play. I had already put together all the game pieces, so they were ready, but they are not painted (and I’m not sure if I’m ever going to actually have time to do that or not).

I had already watched the series that Watch It Played did on Super Dungeon Explore, so I knew the basics, but I still hat to read a bit of the rules to get a handle on it. After about 30 minutes or so of setup and prep, we were ready to play. Lauren choose her adventurers (I let her play two instead of one because initially Logan was going to play too but he lost interest during prep) and I played one hero as well as the Consul (game master).

We played for around an hour or so and didn’t finish. We were supposed to go on to kill the dungeon boss, but we just decided to kill the mini-boss and call it a night. We had a ton of fun and Lauren already asked if we could play it tomorrow night as well. We both agreed that now we have the basics down and would know what to do to make it through the dungeon quicker next game.

Overall, it was a great time. Set up will be a lot quicker next time now that I have a bit of experience. I’ll remember to do thinks like only use the number of tiles equal to the number of heroes being played so we can go through the dungeon quicker. All that said, I give it two thumbs up and really recommend it to anyone looking for a fun game to play with their kids. 🙂

Game setup

Game setup


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So, inspired by two different blogs that I read, Risus Monkey and Tabletop Diversions, I have decided to pick back up the solo game adventure using random tables, Mythic GM Emulator, and other things. This is the first episode of a new adventure and I’m really happy with how it went and I plan to continue it as I have time.

I decided to use Fate Accelerated Edition for this adventure, but I switch it up as I play to a different system. Here are the different tools I used to help me with this game:

For my character, I pulled a couple of cards from my GameMaster’s Apprentice Deck to help me create a character. The concepts that I got from these cards were:

  • Kai
  • Arcane Weapon
  • Fire
  • Virtue Compassion

From this I took his name and the type of character he would be, basically good characters with magic and tends to like fire. Below is the FAE character sheet for Kai.

High Concept: Dabbling mage in search of lost knowledge
Trouble: Cannot leave well enough alone

Music is good for all situations
Friend of nature
A little alchemy can go a long way

Careful: Mediocre (+0)
Clever: Fair (+2)
Flashy: Fair (+2)
Forceful: Average (+1)
Quick: Average (+1)
Sneaky: Good (+3)

Student of the Arts: When using magic, I gain +2 when trying to cleverly create an advantage
Pyro: When I use fire magic, I get +2 when forcefully attacking.

50 silver
Backpack with rope, torches, rations, pouches of components

I’m happy with the characters, but I’m not sure if I will be sticking with FAE or not. I might test out different rules in the future, but this will work for now. Here begins the tale of Kai:


My journey starts in the town of Perun. It is built on an ancient battleground between two long dead and forgotten nations. I find myself in a tavern listening to a bonny lass play a haunting tune on a violin. She plays beautifully, but I am here for more than the good music, I need to find some companions to join me on an adventure not too far outside of town.

(Do I see any people that look like the right type? I rolled a 33, so yes there are. Also, I triggered a random event! Focus: Ambiguous event. Meaning: Carelessness Vehicle)

We here a scream and a shout outside, “Run away coach!” right before a large coach comes crashing through the thin front of the tavern.

(Is anyone in danger? 97 Exceptional No)

The tables close to the door and window get knocked over, but no one was sitting there so its okay. There is a hole knocked in the wall and the barkeep is spitting mad, but it looks like the coach is still in one piece as well.

I rush over to the coach and look inside.

(Is anyone in there? 62, Yes) (Is it a woman? No.)

“Are you aright sir?”

Raffolk Wyselw (thanks to the donjon fantasy name generator) shakes his head to clear it and gets out of the coach brushing himself off. Raffolk replies,”Yes, just a little rattled.”

(Does he seem to be the adventuring type? Exceptional yes! 97)

Raffolk is wearing plate mail with a large hammer hanging from his belt and a shield that he is pulling out of coach. I introduce myself only to find out that Raffolk is a paladin journeying through the countryside. His coachman had passed out drunk and caused the whole crash through carelessness. We all help push the coach out and set the tables back up. The barkeep brings a blanket and uses it to cover the large hole in the wall and confronts the paladin about paying for the damage. Sir Raffolk reassures him that he will pay him back as soon as he comes into some more coin, as he has barely enough left to cover food and lodging for a few days.

This leaves an opening to talk to Sir Raffolk about joining me an a little expedition. I buy him a drink and we sit down to talk, “Sir Raffolk, I have a proposal for you”, I begin.

(Does he accept to accompany for 15 silver and a cut of the loot? No, he does not want to, he believes he must pay the barkeep first before leaving. What about for 20 silver? Yes)

We haggle over the price and eventually I agree to pay him 20 silver upfront, which is enough to cover the expenses to the tavern, and a cut of any treasure we find.

(I draw a card from Inkwell Ideas Encounter Decks 1 to find where we are going.)

I have heard that there was an alchemist’s laboratory situated deep in the swamp outside of town. I believe it could have some rare ingredients there and, more importantly, books of knowledge on the art of alchemy. Sir Raffolk does not look pleased about going out into the swamp, but money has already exchanged hands (and went straight to the tavern owner) so he is committed to accompanying me. He decides to go get some supplies and rest before leaving in the morning.

I look around and realize that most of the other patrons have left and that the bard is finishing up and putting away her violin, getting ready to leave. I decide I might be able to use one more companion and see if she might have any skills suited to the task and any desire to go. I introduce myself and find her name to be Malvia Tunnell.

(Is she interested in joining me? 23, yes she is.)

Malvia is very interested in adventure. She tells me that she has some skill with the bow and some magic through her music. Thinking I that I might be able to use someone with her skills, I agree to pay her 10 silver up front, then a share of the spoils as we journey together. I tell her that the paladin who crashed into the place will join us as well. She leaves to get her supplies and also agrees to meet back before daybreak.

Feeling good, but quite a bit poorer, I decide that I might need to change my sleeping arrangements. I ask the barkeep if he would let me sleep in the stable.

(will he? No, of course not)

Not to happy about losing the money he might have gotten from me for the room, he does not agree to let me sleep in the barn. I sigh and walk out, looking for other accommodations.

(Do I find any? No)

Resigned to a bad night of sleep, I find a somewhat nice spot under some bushes at the the outskirts of town and roll myself up in my blanket, sleeping outside for the night.

(Does it rain? No, thank goodness)

We all meet up before daybreak in front of The Shepherd and Mug inn. Sir Raffolk is in a surprisingly pleasant mood with a pack over his shoulder and ready to go. Malvia looks a bit different as well. Her red curly hair is tied back up in a tight bun on top of her head. Her colourful dress exchanged for some dark trousers and a green cloak. She has a bow and quiver slung over her shoulder next to a lute and backpack.

And that is where I had to end it for the night. I look forward to continuing this adventure soon!

Until then, happy gaming and have a happy Thanksgiving!

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Well we didn’t get the chance to play the last two days because we had other things going on. However, my two oldest kids and I did get a chance to game today and we wanted to try out Little Wizards. We took our time creating characters and it was a bit more involved than the other games we have played this week. This game took the longest to so far to make the characters, but they enjoyed the process so that is a plus. They enjoyed rolling on each of the tables to see what they got for all the description tables, and re-rolling when they did not like the result. 🙂

LittleWizards2-580So let’s talk briefly about the mechanics of Little Wizards. It uses 2d6 for all rolls, with modifiers based on traits and powers.  Traits are Body, Heart, Brain, with one being best (+2), one being better (+1), and one just being good (+0). Those modifiers are added to rolls where you use that trait. Then you also have 3 powers that you choose to place the same modifiers of good, better, and best in. Two are common for all wizards (broom riding and spellcasting), then there are two for if you choose a Sorcerer (alchemy & divination) and two different ones if you choose a LittleWizards3-580Mage (conjuring & shapechanging). Everyone gets wizards gear, which is a broom, wand, hat and familiar. Only the familiar seems to have a mechanical use, which can help you by adding a +1 if it teams up with you a roll. Finally, there are skills, but those only come once you level into them.  Its a pretty simple system that worked well for us. Everything was rolling against a difficulty that I set. We didn’t run into any combat, so we won’t go over that today.

Logan went with a mage named Cyclops, and Lauren went with a sorcerer named Lily. Here are their two character sheets.

Cyclops - Logan's Character

Cyclops – Logan’s Character

Lily - Lauren's Character

Lily – Lauren’s Character

Again, I decided to use the beginner adventure straight out of the book, so after about 30 to 45 minutes of creating characters, we jumped into the game. I had the two introduce themselves to each other and describe what they look like along with their familiars. Logan has a fox named Zoom and Lauren has a swan named Anna.

The pair arrived in Ellys, a city know for its sweets, ready to find some good candy. However, as soon as they jump off their broomsticks in the square, they notice some odd things go on. First of all, there is a baker swimming in all of his cloths, in the fountain. Lauren wants to help him and they talk to him. He cannot stop swimming though and does not understand way. Lauren casts her first spell that will help him stop swimming and return to normal. He does and gets out of the fountain, thanking them. Logan asks why he was doing it and he doesn’t know, but he does tell them that he was eating some new chocolate right before it happened.

Lauren speculates that she thinks it might be the work of a bad fairy named Zelda that she has had to deal with the before. Logan thinks it might have been the chocolate. The baker thanks them and gives them the chocolate bar that he had been eating. They take it but do not eat it. As they discuss what might have caused this, a woman comes racing down a hill in a baby stroller. She is not stopping, so Logan wants to summon a wall of teddy bears to stop her, but he fails, only managing to summon one that does nothing to help.

Lauren uses a spell to engage the breaks on the stroller and succeeds. They then begin to question the woman on why she is in a baby stroller. The woman tells them she just had to do it, she couldn’t resist going for a ride. Logan asks if she has had any chocolate, and she says yes. She pulls out half of the some type of bar given to them by the baker. Lauren then casts a spell on her to help, which succeeds at a cost, it helps the lady, but breaks the stroller. Examining the chocolate bar, they realize that they are both the same and ask the woman about it. She tells them that it is a new bar, being produced by Mr. Cocoa’s new factory. They ask her where it is, but she doesn’t know. She says all the candy comes in a delivery truck to the stores, and as she thinks about it, she says no one knows where the factory is. (Here Logan said in a very serious voice, “I know where it is, its in New York City” I had to step away from the table and laugh about this, it was great)

Lauren wants to find the factory and attempts to use magic. She fails however but does find out that a delivery truck would be able to lead them to the factory. Logan speaks up here and says they should just summon Mr. Cocoa and make him stop. I said that would be an almost impossible task, setting it at the highest difficulty. They roll and with Lauren teaming up with Logan, they succeed! However, when Mr. Cocoa appears, he is tied to a chair and happy to see him. He tells them they have to come to the factory and help him, that the little buggers are going to summon him back! They ask where the factory is and he tells them it is at the edge of the forest, just outside of town. They then ask who has done this to him but just as he is about to tell them, he is summoned away by someone else!

Lauren then sends her swan to investigate the factory and tells it to report back. She wants it to look for bad guys. When it returns, it tells her the factory is unguarded, so they get on their brooms and fly that way. The land a couple of hundred feet away and Lauren casts another spell, checking to see if there are any hidden bad guys outside. They find that there isn’t, so they head to service door. It is unlocked, so inside they go. They find it leads to the factory which is still producing chocolate. Looking around diligently searching, they turn up some strange black powder that spells of pine sap just inside and on the ground around the mixing machine.

They then head into Mr. Cocoa’s office, but no one is there. They see the chair he was in, but he isn’t there any longer and there are some pine needles around his desk. Lauren casts a spell to find him and it points them to the forest outside. Heading out that direction, they see Mr. Cocoa tied to a tree, surrounded by little brownies.

Lauren suggests casting a spell to make them all fall asleep. Logan thinks he should shapechange into an actual cyclops and scare them away. They decide to do both at the same time. Both of them cast their spells successfully and half of the brownies fall asleep as Logan bursts into the clearing as a giant Cyclops, scaring the other half off! Mr. Cocoa is scared too until Logan changes back and cuts him down from the tree. They make it back to the factory, where Mr. Cocoa thanks them and promises to send them both a box of chocolate a month for the next year as a than you. Logan says it better not be the bars he is making now! Mr. Cocoa laughs and says he will scrap the rest of the bad chocolate and make new wonderful chocolate. I also awarded them each Lil’ Points (experience) that they could use if we play again to increase traits and powers, or gain skills.

They successfully completed the adventure after about an hour or so of play! We all had great fun and again I asked them to rate the system on a scale of 1 to 5.

  • Logan: 10 stars
  • Lauren: 500 stars

A great time was had by all. I enjoyed running it for them but I probably could have done with a little bit of a shorter character creation process, but again, they did enjoy it.  I will give it 4.5 out of five stars as I really liked the system. I’m not sure how combat would work since there isn’t any hit points or anything. All in all, I highly recommend this game as well and am really glad we got to run in for Teach Your Kids To Game Week!

I don’t know what we will play next, but I did pick up Camp Myth, RPGKids, FirstFable, and some more Hero Kids addons before the sale ended yesterday at DriveThruRPG. One game I have been wanting to get but isn’t yet available as a PDF that I have found is Adventure Maximus. I wish I had seen the kickstarter back when it was going, but I might have to pick up a boxed copy of Adventure Maximus if it is not going to have a PDF version.

Until next time, happy gaming.

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Playing BEAN! RPG with the kids.

Playing BEAN! RPG with the kids.

Today is day 3 of Teach Your Kids to Game Week and we are playing BEAN! RPG. We were going to be playing Little Wizards, but my daughter decided to stay the night with her grandma, so with just the boys and me, I changed it we played BEAN! instead. My friend Matt has brought up BEAN! on more than one occasion, but we never took the time to play it. After buying it on DriveThruRPG I have it a quick read and really liked what I found.

The Rules: BEAN uses a D2 system, which they recommend to beans to determine. I found this novel and pulled out some pinto beans and drew a one on a side of them to use in the game tonight. Characters have 3 stats, Body, Mind, and Spirit. You also have hit points that relate to your Body stat. Then you can have defense if you wear armor and additional attack bonuses if you use specific weapons. Then you also have skills that add bonuses to your rolls. When you toss the beans, you count all the ones and those are your successes. Fighting against others means that you would compare successes versus your opponents. There are three character archetypes, Warrior, Wizard, and Rogue, but you can easily make more.

After explaining the rules briefly and handing out beans, we quickly made the boys characters. Logan choose a wizard this time and named him Wizard of the Potion. Levi choose a rogue and named him Snowman. For this game I used the starter adventure out of the book.

The game started with the boys in an inn eating beans (Levi’s suggestion) when they were approached by a mysterious figure. He offered them gold if they would fetch a wizard’s cauldron from his friends place out in the countryside. They agreed and headed to the woods after dinner.

the ruined tower

the ruined tower

When they get to the place they were told, the found that the tower had burnt and most of the it was just rubble. They step inside and Levi searches to find that a burned piece of rug covers a trap door. Opening it  they find s stairway leading down below the tower. They go down to explore the depths below.

Heading below the tower.

Heading below the tower.

They find a system of tunnels there with some rooms. Heading down one of the tunnels they find a cave in. Searching through the rubble, they discover a large purple worm hiding there that attacks them! The boys decide to fight.

Fighting the purple worm!

Fighting the purple worm!

Logan decides to throw a potion at the spider. He describes the potion as spreading spiderwebs and spiders all over the enemy. He succeeds and deals 2 damage to the purple worm! Levi then uses his daggers and attacks the worm, dealing 1 damage. Next the worm attacks and tries to bite Levi but misses. Logan then decides to try casting fireball and succeeds. He summons the ball of fire into his hand then throws it at the worm, finishing it off.

(At this point, Levi decides he is done and leaves the table. So mom runs Snowman for him. He really wanted to play Minecraft…sigh)

They then investigate the doors and find a room full of crafts and barrels. Logan starts jumping around on the crates and barrels looking for things, and finds a body of a long dead adventurer. They search him and find a magical Fire Sling with some bullets. They take it then head down the stairs.

Down here they find more tunnels and then see a small creature that looks like an eyeball with legs scamper through a wall! Logan wants to follow it and runs through the wall, finding a secret room.  In here, they find 10 gold coins.

Next the head to the door and find a creepy old lab. It is full of bottles and that hold different body parts and other instruments. Logan gets sick seeing all of this and loses his bean dinner. Searching through the lab they hear a strange sound and a big slime ball jumps onto the table. Logan decides he would rather run than fight, so he runs out of the room and slams the door behind him.

Finding the cauldron.

Finding the cauldron.

They go down another passage and find the passage ends at the edge of a large underground lake. On the edge of the lake, they find the cauldron as well as a single shoe. Not wanting to see what other horrors the basement holds, they grab the cauldron and head back to the inn to get their reward.

Logan gave it 6 stars!

I also enjoyed the game quite a bit and look forward to playing it with them again in the future! I will give it 4.5 stars out of 5. 🙂

I probably will not get to play on day 4, but we shall see. Until the next, happy gaming!

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